Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sea Otters in Lake Union.

The other night while messing about in my raft with two dear friends of mine, I came upon one of the most exciting Seattle wildlife sightings to date. We were paddling down the canal towards the locks in a small inflatable raft eating powdered donettes and singing all manner of rowing songs and pirate shanties. As our "man night" was coming to a close and we were looking for a good spot to head for shore I saw what I thought was a beaver of the starboard side of our humble ship. To my surprise and delight it was so much more than a beaver. It was an otter with two little friends. They frolicked about in the water around us for a few solid minutes before diving below the surface leaving us tense with excitement and raw with emotion. Our otter friends were truly a treat and nothing that I knew could be found in the city.

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  1. Your experiences and insights are a pleasure to read, and I am thankful to have stumbled completely randomly across this blog. Bobpat, you are a phenomenal writer. Thanks for helping me seeing the wildlife inside my urbania.