Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Goat, Fiction or Fantasy?

Years of questing for animals has proved both fulfilling and rewarding. We have for the most part been successful and pleased with the end result of all our quests; however, one mystical creature has gone to great lengths to avoid us. Time and time again we head for the mountains with the hollow promise of a sighting of the elusive Mountain Goat. Year after year we put all of our passion and resources into these fruitless quests but every time we come up short. Always one step behind, always one day too late. Never quite far enough, never the right spot. These quests (if you will) seem dry and depressing but in all truth it is what drives us, what gives us the strength to rise every morning, what keeps our minds sharp and our hearts alive. This hope, this dream taught us to love and showed us what it means to fear. Never have man and beast been further apart yet so entwined. Every day we crawl from our bed our bodies weak and  usless our hearts about to burst but then like thunder on a dark clear night it cuts to our very souls... "This is it! This is why we struggle on! If not for them then why?! Shall we not continue in the journey that will ultimately be our destruction yet give us the peace we seek from the bitter quilt we sew?" And so it goes in life, day by day by day by day...

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